Pregnancy In A Wheelchair: Women Share Their Experiences & Advice

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They both placed instructions and notes for the airport staff who would be transporting their wheelchairs. Scalesse said for any wheelchair user, this is the worst part of traveling — placing an extension of your body into a stranger's hands. While getting off and on the plane, deFiebre sits in a small airport-provided chair, known as an aisle chair. Once she was placed off the aisle chair and into her own wheelchair, she immediately felt a sinking sensation in her stomach.

Can you repeat that? is it like being pregnant after that in a wheelchair? These mothers aspiration to share their experiences with the world to increase awareness and en route for encourage the hearts of other women. While it is easy to achieve pregnancy-related information for women without disabilities, those with disabilities struggle to achieve specific information to meet their desire. Many health workers are at a loss when dealing with pregnant women with disabilities. However, thanks to initiatives of daring women like Karen Hodge, there has been an improvement.

Complex Search Abstract This paper examines the experiences of mothers who are wheelchair users in their roles of homemaking and parenting. A qualitative study using in-depth, focused interviews was conducted along with a purposeful sample of 11 women with various physical disabilities. Three chief themes were uncovered in the data: a lived space restricting personal independence, b advocacy strategies to secure apposite housing, and c my wheelchair, my liberator, my sense of comfort. Findings from this study showed that women did not have the freedom before economic resources to seek out additional living arrangements or make modifications en route for existing environments. Lack of space, stairs, difficult-to-reach spaces, poor transportation, and imperfect community access were barriers that women experienced.

The year-old, born and raised in Danville, California, never expected to have en route for plan for this sort of barrier while traveling. Kezerian was raised all the rage an adventurous family—throughout her childhood she enjoyed family trips across the Amalgamate States and to Europe. Curiousity a propos the world, she says, was acutely ingrained in her way of animation. In August , Kezerian was attractive summer classes at the University of Oregon, and every weekend, she after that another adventure-loving friend would embark arrange an outdoor escapade. I fell, achieve a ledge, rolled 30 feet, after that shattered a part of my vertebra. After being released from the hospice, Kezerian spent 10 weeks at a rehabilitation center at Craig Hospital all the rage Colorado. She underwent extensive training en route for strengthen her body and adjust en route for life in a wheelchair.