Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ becomes target of politicized backlash

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Earlier this year, people threatened to cancel Netflix over Daysa movie that petitioners argued glorified sexual violence against women. It moves from people being upset about the way young girls were positioned on a poster in a marketing campaign to QAnon supporters using this as proof that their dangerous conspiracy theories are real. What is Cuties? The movie follows an year-old Senegalese girl living in Paris who dreams of joining a local dance clique. The film even won the World Cinema Dramatic Directing Award at Sundance Film Festival this year, and it was widely praised for its depiction of the pressures of girlhood. Netflix secured the global streaming rights to the film, with Variety noting at the time that Cuties would be translated into more than 40 languages. Under the Netflix umbrella, the film would stream in different territories that Netflix operates in, excluding France where it had domestic distribution.

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At first Published: Sep. There's quite a bit of controversy surrounding the movie so as to might very well disperse once add people actually watch it. While her family encourages her to be diffident and obedient, Amy befriends a arrange of outspoken girls who form a dance troupe in order to achieve popularity on social media. Netflix bought Cuties just before its successful debut at the Sundance Film Festival, although controversy struck late this summer after Netflix premiered its poster for the film, which featured the four advance girls in booty shorts and bring in tops striking provocative poses — a vastly different image from the movie's original French poster, which showed the girls frolicking with shopping bags. Also, Vulture reports, the description on the film's Netflix page read at the time, Amy, 11, becomes fascinated along with a twerking dance crew. The Netflix poster, left, and French poster designed for 'Cuties.

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