Meet 'Marriage or Mortgage' hosts Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes

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As a result of Kudzai Chibaduki TZ. Miller started her wedding planning career ten years back, after planning her own nuptials after that building on an already successful central design career. Meanwhile Holmes, who has a radio and television degree, worked in and around the real area industry selling luxury condos after the housing market collapse. So, you capacity be wondering how do the brace go together?

Nectar of the mayonnaise gods. The activity of Sarah Miller, Nashville wedding conniver extraordinaire, is to make that come about. And in the context of this show, the more elaborate request, the better. The job of Nichole Holmes, Nashville real estate agent extraordinaire, is to dissuade them from a bridal entirely. But the part of the series that is most fun en route for watch is in the nuance. By six minutes into episode three, but you pause the show, you be able to see Holmes and Miller have an entire conversation in a glance. A ranch fountain. To dip vegetables all the rage and sliders in and probably a few child's five-year-old fingers in.