The Best Sports Bras for Big Busts? We've Found Them

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By Aoife Glass TZ. The very best sports bras will do all this and more. Our number one pick is Shock Absorber's Ultimate Run Brabased on scientific analysis and conversations with many women. There are several features that make this the best sports bra out there, including supreme levels of support for high-impact activities, comfort, breathability and a great range of colours. The size range also makes this the best sports bra for big boobs, as it goes up to a G cup. There are lots of factors that will determine which sports bra you should go for. The best sports bras for low intensity exercise like yoga, ballet or walking are light support bras. They use stretch fabrics to provide a little gentle compression which supports the breast, are highly breathable and very comfortable. Meanwhile, medium support bras offer more structured support, with firmer fabrics and formed cups.

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