10 Signs The Woman You're Dating Definitely Has Game

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Being a tease for a man a woman is interested in is nothing new and has been an added game play since 'the chase' was invented. But it's better to play along teasing a girl when she likes being a tease, just so you're ahead of the game. So if you ever want to make things more interesting and fun, start playing by her rules. Building a rapport with the girl in question is a must. Rapport is basically two people relating and connecting to each other on a very comfortable level. To establish that, you have to know the comfort level between the two of you. Always establish a common ground and ask her relevant questions to get to know her better first. Then you can act on things she secretly wishes you would do. Flirting is important in order to build that rapport and you can only do that if you try this first hand trick: joke with her offensively and tease her, pull her leg with sarcasm, in a light-hearted way.

Be on the lookout for a child who crosses her legs toward you and plays with her hair although holding your gaze. While you don't want to have a weird staring contest, eye contact is important; it shows you have confidence , which is extremely attractive. Most girls appreciate what they're doing when it comes to flirting. If the light clasp she gave your arm made your heart pump double-time, it was denial accident.

The truth is, dating is a amusement. Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you be beaten. Sometimes, you draw even. Some ancestor may even have game without body aware of it. So, who is the girl who has game?