6 Tips for Having Great Sex in the Great Outdoors

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You, like the rest of the world, probably have an exhibitionist streak somewhere playing inside—or curiosity at the least. Having sex in a public place feels forbidden it is illegal, mind you and the chance of getting caught with your hands dirty literally, probably gets adrenaline pumping. The thought of getting busted is the hottest part But back to the fun stuff. Here are some of the best and most, uh, rewarding places to have sex in public—without getting caught. That could be your future.

Femininity outside is one of the a good number common fantasies. And while we by no means condone breaking the law, we be able to certainly empathize with the desire en route for get it on outdoors. For individual thing, the thought of someone examination you have sex can be absurdly erotic. Of course, there are erstwhile things that contribute to the eroticism of sex outside. Some people austerely love the connection with nature before feeling the wind on their austere skin while experiencing all the feel-good chemicals from sex.