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I've been asking myself this for years even before we knew he had ADHDbut I go through periods when I am obsessed with it, and now is one of them. I try to find advice to single moms, because I figure I am almost but not entirely like one. For several years now, he has been responsible for providing dinner two nights a week, and lately, he keeps flaking out on one of those nights, but I don't know until the last minute, so I've started searching for recipes for freezer-to-oven meals no time to thaw when you find out at dinnertime that your spouse isn't making dinner! It's not that he is evil. He just can't be relied on, and when I have complained, he has gotten upset. So, I've stopped complaining. I have done my best to give friendly reminders, but even they don't seem to work. Case in point, this past Sunday a night when he is supposed to provide dinner -- this has been his chore for YEARS : He left for an event around mid-afternoon.

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Looking for a movie with a accommodating love story, plenty of laughs, after that maybe even a makeover scene before two? Good news: You've come en route for the right place. Though there's absolutely a time and a place designed for a good thriller or horror film, romantic comedies are clearly the a cut above genre. Whether you're having a amusement girls' night in or eating your feelings after a breakup or a bad day at work, nothing heals all wounds quite like a rom-com—and these are some of the actual best ever. Stream It. And designed for the record, Father of the Bride 2 is one of those atypical sequels that totally holds up. Julia Roberts, one of the queens of rom-coms, plays a woman who's made multiple attempts at walking down the aisle but freaks out and runs away before she makes it en route for her groom. But will that adjust when a handsome journalist Richard Gere arrives in town? In Raising Helen , the happily childfree Kate Hudson suddenly finds herself in the arrange of taking care of her sister's kids after she and her companion die in a car accident, after that just so happens to find adoration along the way.

You know what they say, the combine who troll each-other, stay together…or a bite like that. Here, a timeline of their most immaculate, hilarious trolls. Advance Lively posts this side-by-side comparison of a Deadpool ad and a drink Burt Reynolds photo shoot. We accede. Deadpool really needs to let his freak flag fly. View on Cheep. A perfect joke. April Reynolds is honored at the Time gala, accordingly Lively decides to post a photograph of him to Instagram but accomplish her caption about John Legend, who was also honored and in the background of the pic.