11 Women Describe What Semen Tastes Like to Them

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For most people, the taste of semen is mild and inoffensive. People have described the flavor as bitter, slightly salty, sweet, or metallic. There is no right or wrong way to feel about semen. Likewise, some people may feel self-conscious about allowing a partner to taste their semen. Open communication with a partner and gentle mutual encouragement can help both partners feel less worried about all bodily fluids, including semen.

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BuzzFeed Science had the opportunity to chinwag about semen with Dr. It turns out semen is pretty freaking baller, and we have the facts en route for prove it. Spermatazoa, or sperm, is the name given to the reproductive cell that looks like a tadpole. Seminal fluid is the stuff so as to the tadpole swims in.

A good number ladies -- myself included -- allow grimaced and spit out some sperm on occasion. But what about your own taste? Have you ever blocked someone from going down on you for fear of what their answer might be? What if something's fishy? Unless you've got bacterial vaginosis it probably isn't. But if you allay feel like your pussy isn't at the same time as sweet as it could be, how can you make your lover ask humbly for eating it?