Paedophile took condoms to railway station meet with 'girl'

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Angel answered, nice voice on phone but has an accentpresumably Brazilian, so had to listen intently. I was given approximate location and asked to phone when I got there. Now I don't like this covert shit, I like to know where I'm going be it hotel or house. As it turned out I would never have found the place had I not followed instructions. Location- modern serviced apartments central Leamington. Angel- diminutive Brazilian woman I don't think so more like 12, thick firm thighs but shapely and curvey. Nice face though body wise the profile pictures are ever so slightly deceiving.

Denial extras. Comms Could have been advance. I dropped her a text after that got a response back within 10 minutes confirming availability and her boundary marker code. I told her I'd book when I arrived and didn't attend to anything else back until I got there. Pulled up at the boundary marker code and dropped her a book. She called me back a close after our booking start time along with further instructions - I was barely a couple of minutes away, although it did eat into our booking time by about 5 minutes.

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