Majority of women find smokers unattractive survey claims

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If you start thinking about yourself as a non-smoker, it can help you stay smokefree. Your identity is how you think about yourself. Your style, likes, personality, culture, or social groups can all be part of how you see yourself. Part of it can also include being a smoker. Many women who smoke say that being a smoker is an important part of their identity.

All the rage a study conducted by researchers by the University of Bristol, over participants were presented with the faces of 23 sets of identical twins, add to a male and female prototype. As a result, utilising the faces of identical twins in the study provided the researchers with the degree of control they needed to achieve accurate results. This is because the slightest difference all the rage expression, pose or lighting had the potential to hinder the outcome of the investigation. The results of the study were overwhelmingly one-sided, with the male and female participants able en route for correctly identify which of the manly and female prototype faces was the smoker 70 per cent of the time. Both men and women additionally predominantly chose the non-smoker prototype faces as the more attractive of the two. The researchers believe that their findings could be instrumental in promoting changes in smoking behaviour, especially along with young people. Recommended Can a burgundy coat really make you more attractive?

But dying a painful and horrible bereavement wasn't enough to deter you as of smoking cigarettes, a new study shows smoking will also salt your amusement. Yep, that's right. In addition en route for potentially giving you varying types of cancer, smoking cigarettes will also acquire in the way of you conclusion love, or at the very slight, getting laid. A new study conducted by Halo surveyed over Americans en route for see how they felt about cigarette smoking when it came to their dating lives. And as you might've guessed, smoking is a pretty adult turn-off. Don't believe me? Check absent the results for yourself below.

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