'Start low and go slow': how to talk to your partner about sex

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Despite the chance for awkward encounters which are just as likely with face-to-face sexphone sex can be an amazingly pleasurable experience for both parties—especially if you're trying to maintain connection in a long-distance relationship. Telling your partner your dirty thoughts and actions over the phone is surprisingly simple, but it's understandable that many of us aren't inherently comfortable with reciting all of our kinkiest fantasies aloud to our smartphone screen. Here's everything you need to know about phone sex, and how to try it with your partner. Before any sexual encounter, whether digital or physical, you want to obtain enthusiastic consent. Enthusiastic consent is more than a yes—it's a hell, yes! Here are some examples of texts you can send:. If your partner is hesitant, feel free to ask them what about phone sex doesn't sound appealing to them, and see if you can find a way to adjust accordingly.

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