Wife becomes the main attraction at a strip club

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Wife becomes the main attraction at a strip club Published by WallBanger on June 28, Techno music pulsated through the neon filled room vibrating every muscle in our bodies. Our ears had stopped hurting, and our heart rates had slowed a bit, a ringing sensation would definitely consume us if we were to leave now — but leaving was not on our minds. We had an excellent table with a view of all to see. Beautiful women were stripping on a catwalk only a few feet from our present position. She had always been curious about the clubs and we finally decided to go and let her see for herself. It was so sexy seeing my wife watching other women strip.

We were sitting a few chairs ago from the main stage in a plush banquet along a sidewall. I noticed my wife watching her absorbedly while she was on the get loose stage and as the dancer walked to the main stage, the illumination behind her body cast a voluptuous silhouette. She had the aura of a 's pin-up girl with updates; petite in height with thick thighs, round firm backside, black hair, after that Betty Boop augmented reality boobs. She effortlessly climbed the stairs to the stage in her high stiletto heels, placed one arm on the baton and casually leaned out to individual side. Then leaning forward slightly, she dipped down to gather herself after that jumped into the air, quickly gyratory around the pole as her tattoed body came to life under the lights. A few moments later, at the same time as she crawled across the stage, she stopped and looked directly at the two of us. There was a clear pause, a smile, a adjust of focus to my wife Barely, and then she rose to her knees, reached behind her back, after that pulled her bra strap to the ground.