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Whether your sex life has been derailed because of menopause, inhibition, anger or a physical problem, here are some ways to get the zing back: 1. Not being in the mood is a common complaint among women and their partners, says sex researcher Beverly Whipple, Ph. But other reasons may be to blame. Why it happens: Stress, exhaustion and spreading yourself too thin can wreck your sex life, says sex therapist Stephanie Buehler, PsyD, psychologist and director of the Buehler Institute TheBuehlerInstitute. So can a strict religious upbringing, fear of pregnancy and negative messages about sex in your head. A bad sexual experience and no emotional satisfaction in your relationship can also make you feel like a wet blanket in the bedroom. It ended in divorce.

Chances are, there are probably a allocation of vagina facts that you don't know, so we tapped top experts to find out the most amazing—and important—things every woman should know a propos her vagina. Read on for 25 amazing vulva and vagina facts. The vagina is not the same things as the vulva. Labias come all the rage all shapes and sizes. The accuracy is, the labia majora outer lips and labia minora inner lips air different on all types of bodies. There are several general labia types but even these have plenty of variation : asymmetric inner or external lips; curved outer lips shaped akin to a horseshoe ; dangling outer lips; dangling or protruding inner lips; diminutive closed lips and small open lips.

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