Girls Just Want to Have Fun Lyrics

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When Girls Just Want to Have Fun was released inCyndi Lauper was already 30 years old and well beyond the usual teeny-bopper, in-trouble-with-mom age. Still, this opening line sets the song in the world of a total party girl who still lives with her parents. Oh, and did we mention the song was written by a man, Robert Hazard, a professional songwriter who says he wrote the song while sitting in a motel bathtub? Mama Lauper—Catrine, if you must know—was featured in the campy music video, playing the role of none other than the worrying and fretting mother.

Arena Rock bands like Journey shied absent from slow songs, but when they reluctantly agreed to record this chant, it became their biggest hit. Led Zeppelin never won a Grammy Award; Jimmy Page and Robert Plant earned their first trophies in for A good number High, a song they wrote all together that explores the role of belief in society. Ian Hunter wrote the song after touring America in the late '70s and finding that Cleveland was by far the most accessible city to his brand of Glam Rock. Avril Lavigne said her Goodbye Lullaby track Darlin was probably the second song she ever wrote. The Canadian composed it when she was an unsigned year-old living in Napanee, Ontario. Established as a redoubtable singer-songwriter, the Men At Work frontman explains how religion, sobriety and Jack Nicholson play into his songwriting. The 5-octave voice of the classical rock belt Renaissance, Annie is big on artistic expression. In this talk, she covers Roy Wood, the history of the band, and where all the capital went in the '70s.