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Most autistic people want to and can make friends, though their relationships often have a distinctive air. I t is lunchtime on a Sunday in January. At a long table inside a delicatessen in midtown Manhattan, a group of young people sit together over sandwiches and salads. Most of them have their phones out. One boy wears headphones around his neck. But there is less conversation than you might expect from a typical group of friends: One of the boys seems to talk only to himself, and a girl looks anxious and occasionally flaps her hands. The young people in this group are all on the spectrum. They met through a program organized by the nonprofit Actionplayin which young people with autism or other disabilities work together to write and stage a musical. Each Sunday, the members refine characters and the script, block scenes and compose songs — and then some of them head across the street to have lunch together.

Individual of Girls Inc. This program is designed to give high school sophomores and juniors the opportunity to deal with potential career interests at various summer placements. After a girl gets acknowledged, she will attend five development being where she will learn critical skills about how to navigate the administrative centre as well as a training week before she begins working at her summer placement. The group of girls are led by a dedicated band of Girls Inc. This year the Externship Program welcomed around one hundred girls from throughout Orange County after that I was proud to be along with them. Our development days were an important part of the Externship program and were held at a add up to of Orange County college campuses. Answer skills and information were imparted en route for the externs to prepare us designed for our upcoming placements, as well at the same time as information to help us on our path to the workforce including authority skills, financial literacy and college alacrity. As an example, the first advance day of was held at the University of California, Irvine. The calendar day began with an overview of the Externship program and a description of what to expect for the balance of the development days.

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