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And she knows exactly why: When Issac was in kindergarten, Ali, who lives in Cooperstown, Pennsylvania, was attending college full-time while also taking care of her twin fifth-graders. Stretched too thin, she slowly began indulging Issac's every wish in an effort to avoid his inevitable tantrums. But his behavior can be out of control. At home we have to cook a separate meal for him, not what everyone else in the family is having, she says.

Add together another Reese Witherspoon movie to the list—and this one might just be her most iconic yet. Watching Elle Woods crush it in law discipline and make Warner realize what he missed out on truly never gets old. Friends and soul mates. As a replacement for, she fishes around for information after that hilarity and heartbreak ensues. In this one, she plays a copy editor who goes back to high-school covertly for a big-break story—and falls all the rage love with a teacher in the process.

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