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Puberty is the name for when your body begins to develop and change. During puberty, your body will grow faster than any other time in your life, except for when you were an infant. Back then, your body was growing rapidly and you were learning new things — you'll be doing these things and much more during puberty. Except this time, you won't have diapers or a rattle and you'll have to dress yourself! It's good to know about the changes that come along with puberty before they happen, and it's really important to remember that everybody goes through it. No matter where you live, whether you're a guy or a girl, or whether you like hip-hop or country music, you will experience the changes that happen during puberty. No two people are exactly alike. But one thing all adults have in common is they made it through puberty. Time to Change When your body reaches a certain age, your brain releases a special hormone that starts the changes of puberty.

These changes are a normal part of becoming a woman, but lots of girls worry about them. Many girls wonder if they smell down around or if people notice when they have their periods. Some girls admiration if they should use douches, wipes, or any of the other products that claim to make women air cleaner and fresher. But do these work? And does a girl actually need them? The truth is so as to when everything's normal, no one also smells any odors from a girl's vagina. If a girl has an infection like bacterial vaginosis, she can notice a fishy smell. But constant then, it's unlikely that people about her will notice it. Girls who notice an unusual smell should accompany a doctor just in case they have an infection.

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We encourage consumers concerned about sugar drinking to discuss dietary options with a doctor or registered dietitian. As along with all treats, they should be enjoyed in moderation. GSUSA promotes a beneficial lifestyle for girls, which includes a well-balanced diet and plenty of application. Our health and fitness programs advance girls to adopt fitness and beneficial eating habits early in life after that to continue them into adulthood.