14 queer women on what they find most attractive in a partner

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We all have something unique and sometimes weird that makes us feel attracted to someone else. For me, it's all about the eyelashes. I'm an absolute sucker for long, curly, soft eyelashes. Not in a sexual way. I like short girls, and they tend to have small feet. It's adorable.

The libido of men go in overdrive for some reasons which are apparent, and some which escape us. Our imperfections, though may frustrate us, appreciate how to affect them in behaviour we do not understand… explanations arrange what subconsciously turns men on, as of Philippe Brenot couple therapist and Marc Adrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Bedhead hair: It is useless to carefully disentangle your hair to look sexy. A lot, men prefer it when your dishevelled hair makes you look as but you just tumbled out of band. We love battled-out hair as we like to imagine the battle all through sex which got it that approach. Curves : While we spend our time cursing our weighing scalesour partners could not care less about our hips, our saddlebags, our cellulite before our extra pounds.