Two Fox News hosts urge viewers to get vaccinated despite anti-jab rhetoric from colleagues

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The article is discussing the media and government being intentionally vague or even misinformative because they don't trust the public, but it backfires and causes more distrust. The flip side that wasn't discussed is the belittling and censoring of voices that were skeptical of the narratives, which engendered even more distrust. Their strategy of information control backfired, and they doubled down. Now we've got a huge swath of US citizens that will never take the vaccine.

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The error almost everyone makes about COVID19 is to think of it at the same time as a virus that infects and kills people: but it's not. COVID19 infects human and a few other mammalian species—mink, deer cells : it doesn't recognize or directly interact with the superorganisms made of those cells. Defiance—a common human social response to a personal threat—is as inappropriate and futile as it would be if the threat in question was a cyclone or an earthquake. And yet, the news media are saturated every calendar day by shrieks of defiance directed by the enemy as if a byzantine chemical has a personality and be able to be deterred. The same rhetoric comes from politicians notably authoritarian ones: it's easier to recognize as a deficiency in those of other countries anywhere the observer has some psychological distance from the discoursepundits paid to discourse at length in newspapers and arrange TVand ordinary folks who are remixing and repeating the message they're captivating from the zeitgeist. Well, all our dysfunctional responses to COVID19 arise as we mistake it for an act of violence on peoplerather than an attack arrange invisibly small blobs of biochemistry. Trying to defeat COVID19 by defending boundaries—whether they're between people, or groups of people, or nations of people—is futile. The only way to defeat it is to globally defeat it by the cellular level.

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