Stomach Flu : Viral Gastroenteritis

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Establishing Character Moment : The now-iconic aperture scene establishes Mark's character as a somewhat arrogant Insufferable Genius with a legitimate motive: distinguishing himself from the rest of the geniuses at Harvard. As his dialogue with Erica unfolds, it becomes clear that holding a conversation with him is incredibly arduous, as his train of thought has zero brakes and he talks abruptly and rather tangentially. His condescending answer to the question Do I allow your full attention? Sean is at the outset introduced as he's waking up all the rage a much younger college student's band after a one-night stand with her. His first lines have him catalogue off every detail about said academy student from memory, just to ascertain that he didn't, in fact, disregard her name. He stops, has this realization, and bolts out of brand to give Facebook the relationship category. Everyone Has Standards : Mark is clearly made out to be a smug, antisocial Jerkass with a colossal headbut he's clearly not happy along with Sean picking on Eduardo while dismissal him.

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