Meet the Toronto Tattoo Artist you Must Know About: Mr. Koo

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As late June approaches, women across the globe shed layers and collectively brace themselves for the inevitable uptick in attention that newly-shorn legmeat attracts. The fact is: as clothes get skimpier, catcalls increase. By now, hopefully, most dudes know that catcalling, in all its forms, sucks. Yet the behavior persists. My very first—a treble clef with a backwards tail I got at 18 on my right wrist—continues to serve as my creep filter.

Tattoos are little or big works of art on one's body. Whether influenced by a loved one, pulled as of a favorite song, or something completely out-of-the-box, they can literally be of anything — and that can be a lot of pressure. Since these masterful pieces are permanent, you'll absence to go in with some arrange of plan before letting anyone along with a needle full of ink adjacent you. And honestly, there's no advance place to get the best ink inspiration than from some of our favorite celebrities. Selena , Rihanna , Lady Gaga — so many celebrities love getting inked up, how be able to you not want to do the same? That being said, if you're easily influenced like us and allow been feeling the itch to appointment the closest tattoo shop, we've got you covered.

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