Appetite changes and food aversions during pregnancy

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Submit Appetite changes and food aversions during pregnancy 3-minute read Listen Appetite changes and feelings of nausea or morning sickness are well-known features of pregnancy. Sometimes women will have food cravings, and some women will experience a food aversion — a strong dislike of certain foods. While these appetite changes might be quite common, they can make healthy eating during pregnancy a challenge. Is it normal to lose your appetite during pregnancy? Yes, it is normal to experience a loss of appetite or a change in food preferences during pregnancy, and these may play a part in how much your weight changes during pregnancy. Research shows that around 6 in 10 women experience a food aversion while pregnant. The reasons for these changes are still unknown, but some experts suggest there is a range of hormonal, psychological or cultural causes. What is the difference between low appetite and food aversion?

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