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Blog The killing of George Floyd by US police in Minnesota, on 25 Mayhas sparked a public response both more powerful and more international than almost any of the previous cases in a very long line — including Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, 13 March The demands for justice extend far beyond the specifics of the individuals involved, and instead reach deep into the structurally racist inequalities embedded in countries all around the world. Reparations for slave… owners? In the UK, welcome attention is being paid to the typically whitewashed history of the British Empire. That response included a petition, now reopenedcalling for the government to return to taxpayers these illegitimately raised revenues. The notion that we as tax payers in Britain, including those whose ancestors were subjected to the horrors of enslavement, have by your own admission, financially contributed to such payments, is totally unjust and abhorrent to us… We at no time consented to the misuse of our tax monies to reward such abominable crimes.

All the way through coaching, educational opportunities, peer networking, after that events such as the free Bottle green Business Basics webinar series, the area network helps its members identify, adjust, and achieve sustainability goals while improving their bottom line. Photo: Ben Hargreaves Are you part of a area business and interested in sustainability? The first of four free events is coming up on Thursday, October 28th. Visit eventbrite. Each week, GreenUP provides a story related to the atmosphere. What role to businesses have en route for play in climate action? To accomplish this target, our entire community be obliged to be part of the solution. Appointment our goals will require big contributions from our governments, citizens, and area businesses of all shapes and sizes. The second most common response?

Allied Entries 1. For some early feminists this meant enthusiastically endorsing a dualism between mind and body, with corporal features regarded as contingent characteristics of the self, and the potentially balanced minds as its core. For them, as indeed for later feminists, it was essential to break any suggested deterministic link between corporeal characteristics, cerebral faculties and social role. Reason, they mostly claimed, was a universal being capacity independent of corporeal differences Wollstonecraft, Mill and Taylor Mill. There were additional reasons for early feminists such as Wollstonecraft in the eighteenth century and Taylor Mill in the nineteenth, to regard their bodies with disbelief. In the context in which they lived as middle class women, their bodies were commodities to be preened and maintained, to enable them en route for entice men into matrimony so so as to they would have the material agency to live. The limbs and faculties are cramped with worse than Chinese bands, and the sedentary life which they are condemned to live, although boys frolic in the open aerate, weakens the muscles … artificial notions of beauty, and false descriptions of sensibility have been early entangled along with her motives of action. Wollstonecraft [ 55] The body was also a source of vulnerability.