Results from Saturday’s outdoor track and field state championship meets

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The Trojans travel within the state for the first time this season, heading to Vermillion, S. The field events are set to start at 3 p. The meet is held at the Bulldog Stadium Forest Ave. The full day of events are set to start at 8 a. It was her second consecutive week that she received the weekly honor, her third overall this season. She threw

Competitions in track and field are called meets and are usually held al fresco, with the running events taking area on a portion of or about a m The field events — those disciplines involving jumping after that throwing — generally take place by the same time as the administration events, on the area within the track's circumference, or nearby. Meets are held indoors during the winter months on smaller ovals, which vary as of 5 to 12 laps to the mile in size. Races of differing lengths from those held outdoors are often run, and several of the field events that require a big space are not held. Indoor tracks are generally made of wood after that are often banked to offset the sharp turns of the smaller ovals. Separate but related sports are a lot considered to be part of the track and field family. Cross-country is a fall and winter activity designed for distance runners, with races of 3. Road races may be of a few length, up to and beyond km

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