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Most of the recommendations apply for either university or non-university jobs. However, where a recommendation applies to one or the other, then it is specifically noted. It would have helped when I became responsible for making the final decisions when I went out in practice. I wish I had thought about what skills I needed to have in my toolbox when I went into practice, and focused on learning them during my fellowship — some of these include fetal echo, CVS, 3-D ultrasound, cesarean hysterectomy, critical care, etc. Toolbox skills required for university practice but still important in community based employment includes skills in presentation, writing, generating ideas, study design, and statistics. I wish I had taken every opportunity to select more than one mentor and wish I had spoken frankly to my mentors from various walks of MFM life private practice, academics and research early on about the pros and cons of a career choice.

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Abode » Departments » Maternal Fetal Drug. Just as every woman is altered, so is every pregnancy. Some advance along smoothly with no surprises. Others may mean that you and your unborn baby need some extra-special awareness.