How a Stroke Can Affect Your Sense of Humor

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Learn about our Medical Review Board Print A sense of humor is more sophisticated and requires a lot more brainpower than most of us realize. But, it turns out that not all strokes affect a person's funny bone, and medical researchers are starting to uncover which areas of the brain have an impact in humor and what types of brain injury impact a person's sense of humor. About 90 percent of the worldwide population is right-handed and most right-handed people have their area for language function located in the left parietal and left temporal lobes of the brain. But humor is actually predominantly controlled by the right frontal lobe of your brain, opposite the language side. This means that a sense of humor is a skill that involves different brain skills beyond just understanding funny meanings of words and puns. A Stroke's Impact on Sense of Humor A stroke can change a stroke survivors' personalityand one of the subtle ways that a stroke does so is by decreasing your sense of humor. A stroke survivor and loved ones may not realize that the stroke is the cause of the personality change, often blaming it on other factors, such as aging. A study at the University of Toronto in Canada compared healthy elderly volunteers with patients who had an injury to the frontal lobe. It turned out that the normal elderly volunteers scored better on measures of comprehension of humor than the people who had an injury to the frontal lobe of the brain.

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