Woman takes bungee plunge in wheelchair

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Beattie, who has cerebral palsy and is a skateboarder, started using a control the discussion two years ago and has mastered a backflip in the sport. After that for Beattie, it was the absolute calling. Beattie was diagnosed with analytical palsy as a toddler. Everything seemed fine when Beattie and her alike sister went home after months all the rage the neonatal intensive care unit afterwards being born premature at 29 weeks.

A propos sharing Image source, Halifax Regional Constabulary A woman dubbed the Internet Black Widow was released from prison all the rage Canada on Friday, prompting police en route for issue a warning to potential victims - elderly men looking for adoration. What could have earned a sweet-talking year-old such a sinister reputation? Alex Strategos was lonely and searching designed for romance when he met Melissa Ann Shepard on an online dating locate. Shepard drove down from Canada after that quickly moved in with Strategos, who described her as a very chic lady. But he soon discovered she was less classy than she seemed.