Male scientists are often cast as lone geniuses. Here’s what happened when a woman was.

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The sexist backlash against the woman involved with the black hole image, explained. Just after the Event Horizon Telescope project announced last week that its astronomers had managed to capture the first-ever image of a black hole, MIT tweeted this image. Here's the moment when the first black hole image was processed, from the eyes of researcher Katie Bouman. Katie Bouman is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard who helped develop the code to find the black hole needle in the haystack of data collected from the effort. This photo shows the first time she saw the results of that work, with the black hole image on her computer screen.

The super-black feathers down its front advantage offset the iridescent patch on its throat. Males of this glamorous class use their super-black plumage to ambush light and entrance interested ladies. Heck, they can even throw David Attenborough off his game. Last month, scientists from Harvard, Yale, and the Smithsonian Institution revealed that some birds-of-paradise feathers have nuanced structures that trap the tiniest iotas of light, essentially exit them into black holes. The findings were published in Nature Communications. The carbon-based material, which looks velvety although is slick to the touch, has been used on satellites , the International Space Station , and a five-figure watch. For humans, a add intense, matte shade of black offers a stealthy advantage, especially when old on military equipment.

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