The Girls Who Turn Good Guys Into Bad Boys

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Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay The stereotypes about bad girls, in my experience, are mostly true. In high school, all my bad girl compatriots came from broken homes, and current research seems to bear out that girls from broken homes start having sex earlier than girls whose parents stay together. All I know is my own experience as a bad girl who had bad girl friends. Only we wanted to hook up because we liked having sex, not because we had something to prove. She was petite and blond, funny and smart. Damn smart. Still is.

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She has ambitions to get a above what be usual paying job, she wants to analyse a lot and she works arduous. While she has the qualities so as to make her perform better than a good number women, she lacks the personality, benevolence and softness that would make her a good lover. She leans arrange the sociopath and misanthropic side, incapable to genuinely like people and benefit from their presence. She might have able looks, she might have not, although when it comes to men, she always has a well hidden at a low level self-esteem. Therefore, instead of looking designed for a man who would impress her and dominate her, she settles designed for one she can control instead, a weaker one who poses no danger to her. However, she can benefit from the emotional and financial security he provides her as well as having the excitement of hot cocks arrange the side, the hot cocks she desires but is unable to acquire. She then proceeds to jump all the rage the arms of her loving boyfriend who was eagerly waiting for her at the top.