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THE RELIGION referred to in the above title is that of the white men, not of the natives, and the Indians are, in particular, the four who appeared at Saint Louis in the fall of and designated as Flatheads, but, in general, the several tribes residing west of the Rocky Mountains. The year was centennial in Oregon, commemorative of the arrival of Jason Lee and his group of Protestant missionaries one hundred years before. They built a mission and home on the bank of the Willamette River near the present city of Salem. Ninteen hundred and thirty-six is centennial in Washington and Idaho. The missionary societies of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches in New York and Boston were then in a period of religious fervor in behalf of missions to foreign and distant lands.

Coat 1. Defeat of Vasquez D'Ayllon as a result of the Chicoreans, Plate 2. De Soto, Tampa Bay, Florida,

At this juncture is a list of our beloved Canadian monologues. A few of the plays listed here might be arduous to track down. It is all the time preferable to read the play your audition monologue is from, but but you are struggling use whatever background you can get from the book and create your own world about that. Canada has rich theatre area and some of these monologues are great choices for auditions. MAN: You see-my faith in the days of the week has been seriously undermined. After all — how could I act with assuredness. And so I lay completely still for a flash, pondering this question.