Domestic and Sexual Violence Services

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Our services take a holistic approach to our local homelessness community by providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual help. But seizures left her unable to attend school or work… and without any direction in her life. Coming to Wheeler changed Felicia's life. Whether addiction, mental health, medical, occupational, or educational issues, ladies are encouraged to enter our other long-term programs that can help them with recovery, securing safe housing and employment or mental health care. Show More Winter Contingency Program The Winter Contingency Program ensures that every man, woman, and child in the Indianapolis and Bloomington areas can find a safe place to sleep and a nourishing meal during the cold months. In addition to those who are transported, hundreds of others seek out shelter and food at organizations around town. The primary goal of these long-term programs is to walk alongside women and children as they either enter or strengthen their walk with Christ. Show More Foundations Foundations gives individuals a good, solid groundwork for successful, independent living by addressing specific issues that contribute to life instability and homelessness. This is a residential program designed to assist women to become independent through job training, job procurement, and stabilization.

A lot of abused women seek a safer area. Setting up a safe home designed for abused women in your area bidding go a long way in as long as safety for women and their children escaping domestic abuse. This process entails finding a secure location, obtaining licensure, getting the right workers, obtaining backing and networking with related agencies. Achieve local real estate agents through sites such as Real Estate Agents. Decide a safe, spacious house with a number of bedrooms, that is close to agencies that will provide services needed as a result of the shelter, such as Legal Abet, churches and the police department. Act with volunteers from agencies such at the same time as churches and educational institutions.

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