Grooming is women’s hidden job: Considering the true cost of looking ‘presentable’

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I was hugely pregnant, working full-time, caring for my toddler son and trying to stage and sell our abode in a rabid market. The pressures weighing on me felt as arduous as, well, a house. So after Marin, who runs a real area firm with her partner, Ralph Baffle, breezed into my life three years ago and took charge of buy our home, I was immediately struck by her razor-sharp attention to allocate. My son was captivated by her fairy-tale flaxen hair. I still assume about those shirts, each a bracing fiction that replaced the mess of my life. Marin is so adroit at staging because she understands the power of first impressions. Her apparently effortless hair, which so dazzled my son, requires a hefty investment of her seemingly endless energy. Every three months, she spends five hours by Vidal Sassoon getting her highlights touched up.

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