When a woman feels ‘No-Strings-Attached’ is an ‘understated’ problem

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MORE Falling in love is effortlessly easy; the concept is so fairytale-esque that it can just take one moment to get naturally attracted to the person; the one who appeared at a very first glance or the one you might be focused on. It is easy to get butterflies inside your stomach when you lean for your first kiss, when you lock your eyes, gaze your hands together for the first time, that is the time when your heart beats faster and you experience the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love is the universal truth! I am not saying suffering are gender specific; Women and men both suffer; but do you know what happens when a woman feels there are no-strings-attached? What happens when she suddenly falls into an inexplicable situation? A Woman! Yes, women are prewired to love those things that hold countless possibilities but also make them suffer the most if the outcome is not in their favour.

Jul 05, Fiza Pathan rated it it was amazing The author of this book has outdone herself. When I picked up this book to announce, I never knew that along along with the author or let us about with the author's help, I also would undergo a sexual revolution all the rage the way I perceive sex. Body from a country like India anywhere sex is treated 'as a gift' from a woman to a boyfriend or husband, as the author has rightly pointed out in her charge, I was ready to see a different take on sex. Lucie Novak has been bold enough to bring absent her sexual revolution in this bo The author of this book has outdone herself. Lucie Novak has been bold enough to bring out her sexual revolution in this book which is according to me, a charge which every woman must read, en route for realize that one can enjoy femininity and be an active giver after that receiver of sexual pleasure, rather than a passive contributor to the sexual act. The protagonist in this account is a woman who with the help of one of the a good number intriguing personalities I've encountered in books called Tom, who changes her complete perception of herself and sex. Tom is a man whom I assume every girl should have as a mentor to make her realize so as to being a sexual person is not a sin or an abnormality I'm a feminist and I think so as to this book will appeal to altogether feminists who choose to enjoy femininity as an equal partner in the process and not be dominated as a result of a male.

Not too much, it seems - femininity, the odd bit of DIY. Although increasingly they can do without cohabitation Fiona Gibson Sun 18 Mar We do have very good sex - and I'll miss that - although I would like to have actual good sex with someone I be able to talk to afterwards. I wonder after she intends to inform him so as to his services are no longer compulsory. I suggest she deals with it sooner these things are never at ease, but cruel to be kind after that all that. She explains: 'He's putting up shelves. I'll wait until he's done the bedroom because it's compelling me nuts, having nowhere to deposit my magazines.