This Is What Really Happens at a ‘Cuddle Party'

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Getting spooned by a stranger might be your idea of a nightmare-come-true. But believe it or not, getting cozy with complete randos is totally on-trend, thanks to the growing popularity of something called a cuddle party. You can even come to a Cuddle Party just to cuddle! Attending one of these events will cost you a pretty penny, though.

I'm lying with my leg draped above a fellow cuddler, my head hidden on the collar of his blouse and his arm wrapped around me with his hand stroking my beard. There's another cuddler, a woman who, like me, had never been en route for a cuddle party, on his conflicting side in the exact same arrange as me. Her face is inches from mine across from our manly companion's chest. There were about seven clusters of platonic cuddlers in the space. Some were forming spoon drawers, where multiple people curl around all other in one direction. Some were forming puppy piles. Others laid along with their body nested in a different whose body was nested in a different and so on, as a attach, in a so-called human train. Accept is the focal point of these cuddle parties, which are explicitly non-sexual. Before you lay a hand arrange a fellow attendee, you must ask them if it's alright.

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All the rage a city where debauchery and another sexuality are as common as a twenty-four hour diner, where in a single weekend, you can attend a masturbation workshop, find a sensual knead partner on Craigslist, and take amount in an orgy, what is the point of a cuddle party? Such was my thinking when I rsvp'd for my first Cuddle Party. Clasp Party is a relatively new bright star that began two years ago conceived by relationship-cum-sex coaches Reid Mihalko after that Marcia Baczynski. Since then, cuddle parties have been sweeping the nation. Accordingly, what is a cuddle party? All in all, it's like a slumber party designed for adults, sans alcohol and sex. After I arrived with my friend Amount at Reid and Marcia's place, an attractive, tall blond guy wearing a superman T-shirt and doggie pajama pants greeted us with a smile so as to would get him a print activity for toothpaste. After we signed all the rage and paid our cuddle fee, I said hello to my long-term aficionado Mike and got a peek by the rest of the cuddle crew-a diverse mix of men and women ranging from their 20s to 40s, all sitting on the sleeping-bag enclosed floor or on a mattress draped with a hippie tapestry, where they were chatting among pillows and stuffed animals.