The Science Behind Runner's High and What to Do If You're Addicted

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But when your commitment to be faster, stronger, and better goes a bit too far—the theoretical hooks bite deeper—you can cross the fine line between being committed and becoming addicted. Here are 9 indicators you might be addicted to working out. Real talk: If you think you or someone you know has an addiction, please see a medical or mental health professional. Your life needs balance, and your mind and body need a reprieve from such an arduous effort. Rigid adherence to a strict, repetitive exercise routine with no flexibility to change when you workout is a major red flag, she adds. Be honest with yourself: Are you sacrificing the time it would take to recover in favor of furthering your training time? If every set is a dangerous dance with a potential injury, then step back before you do some major damage and live to lift another day.

After does something healthy, such as application, become an unhealthy obsession? And be able to apps make things worse? Sprinting about trees, fallen leaves crunching underfoot, Valerie Stephan looks focused and peaceful arrange her morning jog. It's like a series of small victories. Ten years ago, Valerie began jogging to advance her fitness. She signed up designed for a 5km three-mile run, followed as a result of 10km races, then a marathon. Although soon she was getting up ahead of schedule each morning to train - after that prioritising sport above all else.

Charlie Seltzer says he had to achieve rock bottom before he could accompany the exhausting cycle of exercise compulsion he was in. At one advantage, Seltzer was averaging 75 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day, six being a week, and living on least calories. But like any other addictive behavior, Seltzer quickly realized he basic more and more to get the same effect. However, the link amid compulsive exercise and disordered eating a lot go hand in hand. While the continuum of compulsive exercise is byroad, being able to identify signs ahead of schedule may help you stop the phase before it reaches the level of addiction. If the front desk baton at your gym know more a propos you than your co-workers, you capacity be spending too much time around. Candice Seti, PsyD.