When College Students Turn to Sugar Daddies for Financial Aid

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Assembly rent was next to impossible, she said, but Bill helped her administer her expenses and finances better. He sent her on exotic trips en route for Europe and Thailand. They moved all the rage together. He taught me how en route for get my own car insurance. Babe babies seek financial assistance in arrival for company. Most of the sources VOA Student Union interviewed said economic arrangements often, but not always, add in sex in return. Liv said she was seeking financial support for apprentice debt and other expenses, and Amount was happy to help. Bill loved to treat Liv, she said, after that sent her on international vacations.

Existing research illustrates that the motivations designed for transactional sex are complex. Methods We use a mixed-methods approach to deal with the relationship between transactional sex after that consumption patterns among young women all the rage rural Mpumalanga province, South Africa. All the rage the secondary analysis of sexually committed young women, we use factor assay to group the different consumption items and we use multivariable logistic debility to demonstrate the relationship between transactional sex and consumption patterns. Results The quantitative results show that young women that engage in transactional sex allow higher odds of consuming items designed for entertainment e. However, young women appear aware of the risks associated along with such relationships. More importantly, they additionally develop relationship with partners of akin age, albeit with the continued anticipation of material exchange, despite engaging all the rage the relationship for love. Conclusion This study shows that young women are willing to take certain risks all the rage order to have a degree of financial independence.