Why the Best Places to Hang Out in Los Angeles Are Its Hotels

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As they thumb the papers, linger over partially eaten plates of eggs Benedict and silver-dollar pancakesand lift their mugs to request refills of joe, they give no inkling that the Fountain Coffee Room is anything but a neighborhood joint, because that is exactly what it is — an institution that locals casually refer to as the Counter. Here, we actually hang out in hotels. Credit: Brian Guido This comes as some bit of reassurance to me. Actually, there are a handful of hotels, arrayed in a loose cluster across West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air, that compose the true focal point of the city. Even as the city is awash in fresh energy, with ever richer culinary offerings, thriving art and cultural scenes, and the ascendance of Downtown L. In most cities, the authentic local experiences visitors crave come from leaving the hotel — not blocking out more time there. Long before the mismatched aesthetic was in vogue, the Chateau embraced eclectic, lounge-worthy furniture that would deliver the comforts of home. Over the years, many famous figures have taken up full-time residence here, but even lingering for a few hours can act as a salve for the loneliness that tends to afflict Angelenos, isolated in their cars and secluded hillside abodes.

We'll notify you here with news a propos Turn on desktop notifications for betrayal stories about interest? The reservations add up to will probably send you to a central office with set rates. But you call the hotel directly as a replacement for, you can negotiate. Hotels can compensate a commission of up to 30 percent to online booking sites. Accordingly offer me 20 percent less than the online price, and we equally come out ahead. Independently owned hotels are far more likely to allocate you a discount. Some chains balk at dropping the rate. Don't ask me for an upgrade when erstwhile guests are within earshot. Want a more spacious room without paying more?

Cheep Post includes ways to do these things at home, too! For months, I looked forward to a December trip to Dallas, Texas and the warm, sunny temperatures sure to accost me. As luck bad luck is luck too would have it, the Dallas area got walloped by a fierce ice storm that shut along the airport, the mall, restaurants after that — well — the whole area! Stuck at the hotel with altogether my plans canceled, I had two options: lounge around my room after that watch soap operas OR explore after that find fun things to do. I chose the latter! If you achieve yourself stuck at a hotel, above all with kids, maybe these 20 activities will help you pass the age AND have fun doing it! A good number of these are great for after you get stuck at home, too!