When to be Concerned About Hand Tremors

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Shaky hands are commonly referred to as a hand tremor. It can also be an early warning sign of some neurological and degenerative conditions. The most common cause of shaking hands in adults is essential tremor, a condition doctors do not fully understand. Learn more about it in the causes section below. Read on to learn more about the treatments for shaking hands, as well as the various causes of this symptom. Not everyone with shaky hands will need treatment. According to the National Tremor Foundationthe most commonly prescribed medications for treating shaky hands due to essential tremor are:. Metoprolol Lopressor and atenolol Tenormin are also beta-blockers that may be used to treat essential tremor.

Miller: You have a tremor in your hand. What's that all about? This is Dr. Tom Miller here at present to tell you about that arrange Scope Radio. Hi, I'm here along with Dr. Lauren Schrock.

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