Hills Like White Elephants

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But what exactly is this new DC Black Label book? To prepare us for this reframed classic that uses the past to reveal our present, we spent an afternoon with Phil and Kelly Sue to discuss Historia in the making. What was the process, and what were the challenges in bringing this book to life behind the scenes? Kelly Sue DeConnick: Uh.

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Synopsis[ edit ] The story focuses arrange a conversation between an American be in charge of and a young woman, described at the same time as a girl, at a Spanish aim station while waiting for a aim to Madrid. The girl compares the nearby hills to white elephants. The pair indirectly discuss an operation so as to the man wants the girl en route for have, which is implied to be an abortion , but could additionally be rhinoplasty. Setting the piece all the rage Spain dramatizes the peripatetic subject after that allows the man to discuss abortion outside the restraints from the behavioral prescriptions of his place of basis. This has led to varying interpretations of the story. One point of debate is whether or not the woman decides to get an abortion.