9 Reasons Women are Happier After Divorce

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A study by Kingston University meant to analyze the negative impact of trauma on men and women came up with some surprising findings about divorce and women. In the study, researchers surveyed 10, people in the U. In the survey participants were asked to rate their happiness before and after their divorce. During a 20 year period, researchers found that women were happier and more satisfied with their lives after divorce. So, what it is about women that help them move on to a more fulfilling life after divorce? Why do women handle divorce better than men? That argument only holds water if you delve into the many reasons women file for divorce.

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Dolan is a professor at the London School of Economics. In his additional book, Happy Ever After: Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life , Dolan matter-of-factly pits fairytale archetypes of marital bliss against the empirical confirmation. Unfortunately, Dolan inadvertently misunderstood the fact that justified this particular sage assistance. He based his opinion on call poll results supposedly showing that women professed lower happiness levels when their spouse was out of the area, which would theoretically produce a add honest answer.

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