Cyndi Lauper calls for 'fundamental rights' for women at MTV VMAs

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Associate and contrast the very different versions below. What made you want en route for cover it and make it your own? Story continues Cyndi Lauper: The first time I heard it, I understood how I could sing as of my point of view and accomplish it a call to solidarity designed for women. In the s, women were still struggling to be seen at the same time as equal to men. But in s, it seemed that a lot of the hard work by people akin to Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem was being forgotten, and women were a long time ago again accepting the status quo. How did you change it to a female point of view? I had a different take, obviously. My aim was to use those Hooters guys [Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman, who worked on the album] and their reggae feel, and this wonderful additional sound of this electronic drum, after that use the wonderful new styles so as to came over from England from groups like the Clash and how they approached their guitars. It was benevolent of raw.

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