5-year-old El Paso girl fighting rare disease offers inspiration to family friends community

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Bonnie Soria Najera shared her story in an interview with Good Morning America, explaining that her uncle was the sixth relative to die of the virus. Najera said what her family has experienced began on May 15, when her mom tested positive and went to the hospital. After her mother was admitted, Najera didn't see her again. She was put on a ventilator after three days, and it just all happened so fast, Najera said. But even before Najera's mom died, her dad started to feel sick.

A bite is happening, he told his companion, April Telles-Garcia. He hung up. A different call came in. It was Jimmy Villatoro, whose son plays baseball all the rage the local X Squad baseball association with Garcia's son. Maribel Saenzpardo's companion Danny, who was working out of town, had called Villatoro for advantage. Danny needed Villatoro to make absolutely his kids were safe.

Instinctive in central Texas on May 26,Hardin killed his first man when he was only 15 during the aggressive period of post- Civil War Modernization. During the next 10 years, he killed at least 20 more men, and some have suggested the absolute might have been as high at the same time as InHardin was convicted of killing a Texas sheriff and sent to the Texas state prison in Huntsville. Confinement life seems to have calmed Hardin—during his 14 years behind bars, he studied law. Released inhe settled along in Gonzales where he worked at the same time as an attorney and tried, unsuccessfully, en route for win political office. Eventually, Hardin relocated to the violent town of El Paso, where, since the demands designed for his legal services were limited, he spent more time arguing in saloons than in court.

Barely five days after Melinda De La Luz's emergency c-section, her daughter had to undergo a heart surgery en route for solve a heart murmur. Victoria, at once is now 5, hasn't has the easiest life. Little Victoria is diagnosed with arthogryprosis in her feet after that ankles, which is a disease so as to causes tightness of the tendons, at the same time as well as an unnamed disease so as to causes severe muscle weakness throughout her body. Her dad told us she wasn't able to have head be in charge of until after she was a day old. Although Victoria uses a wheelchair to get around, don't let her illnesses trick you- this little child has a dream to walk individual day.