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Matthew J. Maladay is a journalist who writes excellent language pieces for Slate magazine. My favorite is the one on Pennsylvaniaof course! He recently contacted me about the term bro. Bro is having its moment apparently, and people have increasingly asked me about it over the years in reference to dude. Matthew's post is here. Reading over it I thought it sounded kind of like a blog post itself. But I'm curious about the path it has taken, and if you think there's anything uniquely interesting about it. Like dude and man, bro has probably been around for a long time but only recently seen with it's current meanings.

Did you like it? Hey, can I get a sip of your cool tea? Richard was, likesuch a jerk! When dropped into sentences in this manner, like is a discourse particl e or discourse marker that denotes topic changes, reformulations, discourse planning, stressing, hedging or back-channeling.

At the same time as an English suffix -ette forms diminutives e. The sentence Dude, can additionally be referred to as mate, before bro, is really not necessary. It is the same as Dude after that is considered to be slang, akin to the phrase man. George Polish.

But you think you can throw about a couple of totally tubulars after that pass yourself off as a surfer, you're a real hodad with the IQ of a Malibu Barbie. The misguided multitudes might think surfspeak is nothing more than 10 or 12 buzzwords. Trevor Coconut Cralle, the Shakespeare of Surf, is championing a additional dialect that's totally rad. If you need a textbook definition of cowabunga, Cralle's Surfin'ary Ten Speed Press explains that it's an exultant shout appropriated from The Howdy Doody Show of the s that means Surf's ahead.

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