West Midlands Police: Solihull Covid 'harassment' goes viral

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A man said he felt degraded afterwards being detained in a police carriage when challenged on his way en route for work by an officer citing Covid legislation. His video of the events in Solihull on Wednesday has been viewed more than a million times on Twitter. It shows Nino Romano, 21, questioned on his plans, ahead of he is called an idiot after that threatened with locking up. West Midlands Police said the officer's actions were unacceptable and there was no disbelief of any offence. Mr Romano accused him of being power-hungry. The break down said it had reviewed both the footage and police camera video of the challenge to Mr Romano after that concluded conduct fell far below can you repeat that? we would expect. A spokesperson added: [The officer's] manner was not adequate, not the face of [the force] and we will deal with the situation. The male officer was along with a colleague and their duties were to ensure people adhered to Covid restrictions, police said.